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Candace Compton Pappas

Candace Compton Pappas

Path, In The Company Of . . .

I live and work on 12 acres of Michigan woodland. Daily I walk a path through and around these woods. Often it is a walk of healing, refreshing and quiet - I catch the first light of day, process a thought, put worries in perspective and watch the shadows get long as the day winds down. Over the last eight years I have witnessed amazing transformations of old and young trees, invasive species, animals, storms and sky. I have become infatuated with an array of dead cedars and their weathered skeletal forms, and often witness them falling, exposing roots of stunning beauty.

I present a short path where I have placed many of these fallen cedars as well as large bittersweet vines and constructed  elements from my studio. I have methodically gathered, placed, and curated this space over the last year. It is an offering to this woodland, a tribute to the skeletal presence of long-lived cedars. It is an invitation for guests to immerse themselves in the magic of this place.


CultureVerse team scanned the path across seasons, in both fall and winter, using our Matterport Pro2 3D Camera. What appears differently in fall? How have things changed since winter? Explore the path virtually across time and space by clicking each embedded scan below:

Virtual Gallery

In addition to scanning Candace's outdoor path installation, our team also scanned some of her organic sculptures along it. Those scans and additional artwork that couldn't fit into our physical gallery during the ROOT3 exhibit are all featured within a custom digital immersive experience.

The experience is available on computer using a mouse or trackpad, or on mobile by tapping an image, object, or desired location. Experience the virtual gallery and engage with her work in 3D by clicking below:

What We Hold | What Holds Us

Throughout the night of Candace's opening, she gave away dried clay vessels with the following instructions and request to be photographed holding them:

Please help yourself to a vessel. These vessels are made from local raw clay. Not being fired, they are fragile. They are intended to be taken, held, and eventually returned to the earth.

Below are some of those moments:

Scan of ROOT3 at CultureVerse Gallery

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Candace Compton Pappas
July 17, 2023
3D Gallery
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