ROOT3, Opening Reception


A show of three artists (and friends), each inspired in different ways by the word ‘root’. Root is source and it is connection. It is associated with nature, mathematics and language - all of which play important roles in each of our works. 

This multi-media exhibition is in collaboration with artists Candace Compton Pappas, Graceann Warn, Ruth Crowe and Ann Arbor-based non-profit CultureVerse. It features paintings, collage, sculpture, installation and virtual experiences. Experience it in-person at CultureVerse Gallery throughout the months of December and January and digitally here, at

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Friday 4 pm - 8 pm

Saturday 12 pm - 8 pm

Sunday 12 pm - 4 pm

ROOT3 runs from Dec 2, 2022 - Jan 22, 2023


Graceann Warn


It’s everywhere. It’s a wall, or a word. It’s in books. It’s the entire city of Rome. It’s remembering a morning row on the Huron River. Inspiration is whatever I am obsessed with at any given time. A subject I return to again and again is science, especially as it relates to space. I am a child of the 60’s and the absolute wonder and awe of space exploration has never left me. I am also inspired by architecture and archaeology and these frequently drive the look of my paintings. I love the look and mythology associated with broken down buildings, abandoned factories, forgotten places.

 Inspiration to Physical Form

I most often begin with a word, phrase or a scientific or mathematical concept in my head. I have lists of these things on my studio wall or in sketchbooks. I am constantly listening and reading, looking for the spark from my engagement with a word or two. I imagine what this word, etc. “looks like”, what mood it evokes for me, and begin by laying down color onto a substrate to start the painting process. Frequently the painting takes shape as I work it. It is rare that I know exactly what a piece will look like before I begin therefore it’s a very active, conscious process that evolves over the time I am working.

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Candace Compton Pappas

I live and work on 12 acres of Michigan woodland. Daily I walk a path through and around these woods. Often it is a walk of healing, refreshing and quiet - I catch the first light of day, process a thought, put worries in perspective and watch the shadows get long as the day winds down. Over the last eight years I have witnessed amazing transformations of old and young trees, invasive species, animals, storms and sky. I have become infatuated with an array of dead cedars and their weathered skeletal forms, and often witness them falling, exposing roots of stunning beauty.

I present a short path where I have placed many of these fallen cedars as well as large bittersweet vines and constructed elements from my studio. I have methodically gathered, placed, and curated this space over the last year. It is an offering to this woodland, a tribute to the skeletal presence of long-lived cedars. It is an invitation for guests to immerse themselves in the magic of this place.

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Ruth Crowe

A Little About Myself and My Art

My degree is in Art Education but I never really wanted to teach in a classroom setting. I abandoned my art for over 30 years to pursue a life in the US Army, LA police officer, and collegiate softball coach. I finally made my way back to art when I taught myself Photoshop and started my own graphic design business. Lucky for me, I sold that business after 11 years and now devote my time and energy to creating my own art.

 Creating ART is the thing that keeps me grounded. I love vintage photographs and re-telling the stories of the subjects. The snapshots of a split second that capture their lives forever in that instant. The stone faced stares, the cautious smirks, or the joyful laughter that make up our daily existence and speak more about a person that most words could describe.

My work is a fusion of vintage photography that has been digitally altered and combined with layers of other images, photos, and sometimes words. I re-create a new story about the characters; my own story, from my own experiences. I either use regular wood panels or plastered wood panels with layers of wax and images melted within. All designs/photographs used in Photoshop and additional elements added after or before image transfer. My art, along with myself, are works in progress!

On Group Show

I am so proud to be exhibiting with two of my favorite artists. Both have helped me throughout my career that I started late in life. Their advice has been so valuable.

My piece of ROOT is from my current exhibit called The Journal Project. I will have a few pieces in the gallery but the entire Journal Project can be viewed in my virtual gallery. It represents 43 years of journaling through the majority of my adult life. It contains artwork and written words depicting major events in my life that will hopefully resonate with many different viewers, for many different reasons.

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Graceann Warn, Candace Compton Pappas, Ruth Crowe
January 4, 2023
CultureVerse Gallery
Gallery Show

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