Our mission

The CultureVerse mission is to serve the local and global community by expanding opportunities to access and experience projects, storytelling, and creative expression of artists, educators, students, and preservationists. We provide technology, training, consultation, and other resources in order to create equitable and sustainable opportunities. We aim to bridge the gap between creator and community so that all people may be enriched by the ever expanding breadth of art and knowledge.

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Who we are

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Jeff Machak
Executive Director
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Matt Grossman
Director Of Design & Implementation
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Shanley Carlton
Director, Creative Strategy and Partnerships
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Leonardo Enriquez
Immersive Experience Design Lead
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Thomas Macias
Communications & Development Lead
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Rameen Chahine
Software Engineer & Tech Exploration Lead
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Zoya Johnson
Immersive Experience Designer and Gallery Host

Board of directors

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Donald A. Hicks
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Diana Fleysher
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Paul Potter

Our skills

Project Management

We sometimes kid that there's nothing our team can't get done. Kidding aside, we have the skills and experience to get people organized, remove barriers to success, and just plain get things done in a variety of arenas including events, film, video, design, software, and more. Have a complex idea? Try us.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a bit of a buzzword in business, but for us it's a way of life. Every project we work on begins and ends with a human-centered approach. We workshop, prototype, test, and refine solutions, working hard to move beyond our biases and limited personal perspectives to access the power of the team.

Content & Strategy

From day one we knew that working with innovative tech and brilliant creators would result in a whole lot of great stories. Thankfully, our team is equipped to plan, capture, edit, and publicize a range of high-quality media content. There's nothing we love more than showing the world how amazing our partners are.

Software & Tech

Our team possesses a range of expertise including engineering, robotics, software design and development, AR, VR, and 3D printing just to name a few. We find that the most interesting things happen when we open our minds, dissolve the boundaries, and figure out how to connect all these pieces in order to help our partners share their amazing work.

Our tech

Perhaps you've heard of the Metaverse? We're not sure what that is, or that anyone knows what that is, but what we do know is that we've built hundreds of immersive virtual spaces to support artists, educators, and preservationists. We've made it possible for people around the world to visit, explore, and learn in 3D immersive environments that can be accessed easily on the web.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are part of a spectrum of technologies known as Extended Reality or XR. While this technology is popular for games, CultureVerse sees a range of possibilities for its use in expanding access to knowledge and cultural treasures. This tech used in conjunction with our 3D scanning technologies opens the door to some truly innovative projects.

How we work









People are at the heart of what we do. We build relationships with people and organizations who resonate with our mission, vision, and values.

Sharing knowledge, ideas, technology, and art is at the core of what we do. We know that our organization is energized through what we're able to offer the community.

We pursue synergistic partnerships with organizations and individuals, focusing on their needs and goals as we innovate and create together.

We capture our work through a range of new and traditional media technologies, leveraging our production skills to ensure our story and those of our partners can be told well.

We tell our story across a variety of media formats and platforms so as to reach the audiences who may benefit most from our work and to amplify the work of our partners.

We conduct both evaluative and exploratory research, to understand how effective our efforts have been along with how the world is changing around us. We pursue new skills and knowledge to better accomplish our mission.

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