YCS Spring Showcase


YCS Spring Showcase

Jeff Trax’s 2024 Art Class

CultureVerse partnered with the Ypsilanti Community Schools Online Program to create a lasting online exhibition for their K-8 students' artwork for their spring art showcase. Using Saganworks, we built a digital exhibit to preserve the students' creative achievements, providing a platform for wider celebration and easy access for families and the community.

Virtual Gallery

About the Project

This year, we built YCS a virtual gallery to showcase their K-8 students' amazing spring artwork. This builds upon last year's collaboration, YCS Winter Showcase, where we saw a fantastic collection of student art. We're thrilled to see the number of submissions grow, and we look forward to continuing helping more students get a platform to let their art shine!

About YCS Online Program

The Ypsilanti Community Schools (YCS) Online Program offers a flexible and rigorous learning option for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Students enrolled in the program benefit from a curriculum aligned with Michigan academic standards, allowing them to progress towards graduation from the comfort of their homes.  Using Chromebooks or iPads provided by the program, students access online courses, engage with virtual teachers, and even participate in extracurricular activities alongside their in-person classmates. This innovative program empowers students to thrive in a remote learning environment.

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YCS Online Program
May 10, 2024

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