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Brushes With Cancer 2022 Midwest Art Exhibition

CultureVerse worked with the Twist Out Cancer team to digitally recreate the physical Midwest Brushes with Cancer 10th Anniversary Exhibition, which will be shown in November 20222 at the WNDR Museum in Chicago.

This virtual gallery showcases the work of 33 artists from around the world, all of whom have created artwork in collaboration with Inspirations. Inspirations are previvors, survivors, caregivers, and loved ones. All pieces featured are available for auction.

Throughout the month of November 2022, artwork is auctioned online, culminating in an in-person event on November 19 at WNDR. To place a bid on a piece, select the piece and click the open icon that appears on the right.

Proceeds from the art auction go towards funding future Brushes with Cancer programs. Enter the exhibit digitally below:

About Twist Out Cancer

Twist Out Cancer provides psychosocial support to cancer survivors and their loved ones through creative arts programming. We are a global community that enables anyone touched by cancer to connect, create, support and inspire.

About Brushes with Cancer

Brushes with Cancer strategically matches artists with those touched by cancer to create unique pieces of artwork reflective of their journey. Over a period of 4 months, pairs will connect virtually and their relationships are guided and supported by Twist Out Cancer mentors with the intention of creating a support system for both the artist and inspiration. The program finishes on a high note with our signature celebratory art exhibition, gala and auction where the artwork is revealed for the first time. Due to the nature of the pandemic all Brushes with Cancer programs will be held virtually with the hope of being able to gather in the near future.


The CultureVerse team also scanned the two Brushes with Cancer 10th Anniversary installations at the WNDR Museum.

Woven Wonders

by Wanda Barcelona, 2022

(from the 2022 installation at WNDR Chicago)

"Woven Wonders" was created by architect Inti Velez Botero, designer Daniel Mancini, and artist Iris Joval from Wanda Barcelona in honor of Twist Out Cancer's 10 Year Anniversary.Twist Out Cancer provides psychosocial support to individuals touched by cancer through creative arts programming. Woven Wonders is a three-dimensional interpretation of the Brushes With Cancer program that uses paper laced together to show our personal connections to cancer.

Paper strands are intertwined, referring to a brush stroke and all of our connections to cancer. The piece was made with a wicker-weaving technique through craftsmanship by 12 highly skilled artisans in Barcelona.

Brushes with Cancer Exhibition

by Giorgi Lupi and Pentagram team, 2022

(from the 2022 installation at WNDR Chicago)

The "Brushes with Cancer" exhibit from Giorgia Lupi and Pentagram is a work of 278 interwoven brushstrokes, representing the moments or collaborations between Twist Out Cancer's Inspirations and Artists, as they came together to change each other's lives. Their names and personal quotes line the brushstrokes to highlight the emotional impact of the Brushes With Cancer program on its participants.

Pentagram is a multi-disciplinary, independently owned design studio.

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