The Die is Cast Virtual Group Exhibition


The Die is Cast Virtual Group Exhibition

The Die is Cast

Welcome to CultureVerse's first-ever open call exhibition! In this gallery, young artists showcase works that represent pivotal moments in their lives or in society as a whole, exploring the concept of "the die is cast" and the consequences that follow. Step into the virtual exhibit to immerse yourself in a variety of artistic views and expressions!

Virtual Gallery

Virtual Opening Reception

Watch a recording of CultureVerse's very first virtual opening reception! A few of the artists shed some light on their pieces and share their thoughts on what creatives just beginning their journey should keep in mind.

Meet the Artists

"I made this piece during the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. This is a part of my life because my father has served in the military for 10 years. I still think about how he may feel, he has served his country and what he gets in return is the same issues black people have been fighting for, for decades. In this world he is not seen as a Veteran or as someone who has served his country. He is still seen as a Black Threat and his uniform will never change that." -- Jasmin Smith

"When any force harms you, it is impossible for them to see you in your full humanity. You too will begin to see yourself with less humanity. It is then your body becomes a battleground. A war rages between your instinctual longing to be versus the harm you are forced to endure. It is here that a fundamental change occurs, the versions of you that used to be yet never really were push you forward. Past forms of existence become impossible to ignore. It is when you tend to them that your body turns from battle ground to garden." -- Ela Khasnabis Upton

"This piece symbolizes the pivotal moments in our lives when we emerge from darkness, like fireflies escaping the confines of lightbulbs. I aim to convey the enduring human spirit that perseveres and radiates its inner light even in the face of adversity, illuminating it's path toward a brighter future. Through this artwork, I want to celebrate the resilience that lies within us all!" -- Zoya Johnson

"It's a character of mine and I was originally going to make a simple animation at first, but I changed my mind. I tried out some filters and effects on this and love it." -- Pan

"During the beginning of Covid 19, Michigan shut itself down. Everything was closed, grocery stores, restaurants, and even Barber Shops. This photo shows my little brother, Cassius Hill, getting his hair cut in our backyard by my father, Contonio Hill on April 28th, 2020." -- London Hill

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Jasmin Smith, Ela Khasnabis Upton, Zoya Johnson, Pan, London Hill
January 24, 2024
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