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My art is a process, not a product. My collections and individual pieces fall under the idea that life and art are inseparable. My work is an exploration of emotion caught on canvas by nurturing the ideas, feelings, and thoughts that aren’t able to be communicated through verbal language, but rather through the abstract. I engage in the process to express and validate the different parts of me and to process experiences and feelings of abstract loss. The way in which I see the world is unique in that I have no recollection of the majority of my life due to undergoing treatments of shock therapy, which is when I began using art as a process. I use a variety of tools to help create each piece, such as my body, found objects, and nature because sometimes a paint brush doesn’t satisfy my curiosity. I utilize broken objects during the process of creating my paintings to represent what makes us individually and uniquely beautiful. I explore the subject of emotions by reacting, responding, and reflecting onto the canvas. My work encompasses the relationship between mindfulness and dissociation within one’s self and their environment. The colorful and fast paced chaos reflects the conflict within the relationship, and is constantly changing and layered throughout time. The chemistry this connection and engagement creates adds to the overall process, which eventually makes its way to the canvas. The product of the process manifests as a dynamic abstract image that evokes a strong sense of emotional vulnerability. I believe in the importance of this process because it can provide the time and space one needs to experience what engaging in wholehearted self care entails—something that many of us overlook, ignore, or avoid. There is so much more, but all I can do is inhale, exhale, and then art.

The (m)Organic Process: Inhale. Exhale. Art.

“My art is a process, not a product.”

CultureVerse’s collaboration with Morgan Burgard utilizes emerging digital technologies like Saganworks, Unity, Sketchfab, and BrandXR to broaden the appreciation and accessibility of her work globally through digital storytelling. The immersive 3D experiences include virtual galleries showcasing her art, audio and video recordings capturing her creative process, and VR/AR experiences that venture through her creation across time. By engaging through a headset, tablet, or phone, audiences can experience a new depth in sharing and appreciating her art and process.

Virtual Gallery

View Morgan's work of the last 6 years in a virtual gallery built by CultureVerse using Saganworks:

3D Models

View Morgan's 3D art pieces creating using OpenBrush in VR

View in AR

View m(O)rganic in AR, viewable using BrandXR

On your computer? Try scanning the QR code below. Best viewed using the BrandXR app

View Morgan's 3D Self-portrait in AR, using BrandXR

On your computer? Try scanning the QR code below. Best viewed using the BrandXR app

VR Art Process

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Morgan Burgard
August 5, 2023
3D Gallery

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