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Art is a process, not a product. My collections and individual pieces begin with entering a universe that feels far away from here. An escape, a way to tend to the ideas, feelings, and thoughts that aren’t able to communicate through verbal language, but rather through color, texture, and movement. I can only enter when I’m able to be vulnerable with myself and explore what sparked my inspiration. This process is delicate and can not hold any sort of judgment. I use a variety of tools to help create each piece because sometimes a paint brush doesn’t satisfy my curiosity.

The product of the process produces a dynamic abstract image that evokes a strong sense of emotion. An authentic sense of chaos emerges onto the canvas through utilizing the different elements of art.

I paint to express myself in an authentic manner. I paint to connect with others and because I know the importance of creating a space for myself to be vulnerable and without judgment. I paint to create a conversation and connect with myself and others through color, texture, shape, and movement. This gives the viewer a space to feel something and anything honest.

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Morgan Burgard
February 27, 2023
3D Gallery

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