Mike Han - The House of Han From A to D


Mike Han - The House of Han From A to D

"The House of Han from A to D"

A one-of-a-kind art experience from artist Mike Han, CultureVerse, Saganworks, BrandXR, AIR-INK, and Paragon Art Collective.

The virtual "Hanok" filled with Mike Han's artworks

"The House of Han From A to D" was an innovative two-part exhibition by Mike Han in collaboration with CultureVerse. It kicked off with two opening exhibitions, one in Ann Arbor and one in Detroit, spaced one week apart. The exhibitions included digital and physical art works, augmented reality, NFTs, virtual galleries, and full-body 3D modeling. The physical artworks lived in the Detroit gallery and the digital experiences live in the Ann Arbor gallery.

“The House of Han from A to D” examines the physical and digital lives we live and the impact we have on our environment through an experiential diptych exhibition. Han's work explores sustainability and our perceptions of value by creating digital and analog works of art that are separate yet deeply connected.

The Artist's Ideal Gallery

When CultureVerse first met with Mike Han to discuss how our technology might intersect with his artwork, Mike began to describe a place in his imagination. He called it his "ideal gallery," a traditional Korean structure called a Hanok. Mike told us that the Hanok would sit between mountains (for protection) and a river (to bring life). We immediately began work to design and build this environment, first in the Unity game engine and then in the Saganworks app. Mike filled this gallery with his artworks and made it an integral part of his gallery opening. The first 25 people to come into the event were given the opportunity to enter the virtual space and purchase a limited edition NFT from inside. Anyone purchasing an NFT was then entitled to a physical print available at the Detroit show a week later. We added a final and extremely unique element to this show by using our full-body 3D scanner to create 3D models of guests at the opening. We then wrapped these guests with Mike Han's artwork and placed them into Mike's ideal gallery environment.

Click below to step inside and view this unique virtually gallery environment, including a one-of-a-kind human sculpture garden filled with the attendees of Mike Han's gallery opening:

More of Our Collaboration with Mike Han

CultureVerse gallery filled with a vibrant crowd for Mike Han's April 1st Opening
CultureVerse Gallery in Ann Arbor during Mike Han's April 1st opening
Mike Han's Augmented Reality (AR) Sculpture at CultureVerse
Full-body 3D Scanner (Twindom) at Mike Han's Gallery Opening
People exploring Mike Han's "Hanok" in virtual reality (VR)

Mike Han creates artworks for the exhibition
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Mike Han
March 25, 2024
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