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Jordan Nik Art

Jordan Nik Art


I am an Ann Arbor local artist born and raised. I have been studying and practicing art since I was 12 years old. I have studied every medium from Pencil to Conte Crayon and Acrylic to Oil paintings. I have been featured in the guild with the arts league of Michigan 5 years in a row as a teenager. I have done trade shows ever since then. I am an event coordinator and promoter. Advocate for artists of color. Activist for value in artists. My business name is Jordan Nik Art.

When we started working with Asha on her virtual gallery in late 2022, she asked if we could build it out like The Sims. Our Immersive Experience Designer, Leo Enriquez, did just that.

Check out what the virtual space they made together and take in the incredible breadth of Asha’s work by visiting the gallery below:

Virtual Gallery

Bully Anxiety Project

CultureVerse hosted the Bully Anxiety Project during August 2022 as part of Say Yes Fest. Learn more about the Bully Anxiety Project here

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Asha Jordan
May 3, 2023
3D Gallery

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