Healing Through Art


Healing Through Art

Healing Through Art

Ukrainian children's artwork in response to the war

In March 2022, artist and art educator Nataliia Pavliuk and her daughter Yustyna started an art program for displaced children in Ukraine. Many refugees from harder hit Eastern Ukraine escaped to Lviv, where they both live. Initially, Nataliia and Yustyna traveled to hospitals, community centers and schools to conduct classes. As news spread about their healing workshops, people began to contact them. These children all have unique stories regarding their stress, loss, and sadness related to the trauma of war and relocation.  Art gives them a way to process their emotions.

“We started thinking about what we can do to help Ukraine win,” said Nataliia ... “A lot of people need attention and art therapy, and we know we are good at that.” (Interview from the New York Times article "Tanks and Teddy Bears: Ukrainian Children Paint the War").

The artists posted about their work on Facebook, which drew attention from the Ukrainian community in the US. They were able to fly to Chicago where the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art hosted an exhibition titled “Children of War.” Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, D.C., an arts academy in Arkansas, and CultureVerse Gallery in Ann Arbor, Michigan are among the other institutions hosting this program's exhibitions.

This short film shows a visit by Emerson School children to the Healing Through Art exhibit where they were able to connect with the experience of children in Ukraine.

This virtual gallery was built by the team at CultureVerse to provide access to a beautiful exhibition of the pieces regardless of viewers' physical location.

Explore the scan of the physical gallery, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan below:

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Nataliia and Yustyna Pavliuk
October 2, 2023
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