Gutman Gallery - Dreamland Exhibit


Gutman Gallery - Dreamland Exhibit

Gutman Gallery

Gutman Gallery is an inclusive fine arts space located at 118 N. 4th Ave in Downtown Ann Arbor. Not only is the gallery home to rotating art exhibitions and a gallery shop, but it also provides a creative space for the community to come together for workshops and events. Their recent exhibit, Dreamland, features artwork from youth ages 5-17. Their opening took place on October 6th and took place until the 29th.

Virtual Gallery

CultureVerse collaborated with Gutman Gallery to create a virtual gallery, showcasing the Dreamland exhibit. This immersive experience contains artwork from the youth, along with 3D artwork made from the Dreamland Ceramic Clay Workshop. CultureVerse scanned these ceramics using Polycam and can be seen in the virtual exhibit below.

About Guild of Artists & Artisans

The Guild of Artists & Artisans is a non-profit, membership association of independent artists founded in 1973 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its mission is to develop and present art fairs to provide marketing opportunities for its members which also serve as educational, cultural and entertaining events for the community. The Guild draws upon its talented, exclusive and diverse membership to exhibit and sell their work at these events. Each member artist is juried through The Guild’s rigorous standards process, which ensures exceptional creativity and technical skill.

At Guild fairs, fairgoers have the opportunity to interact directly with the artists. Guild artists welcome fairgoers to their booths, and are available to discuss everything from their techniques to their inspirations. Featured work includes jewelry, ceramics, painting, sculpture, glass, photography, fiber, wood, leather and more.

Learn more about the Guild of Artists & Artisans and Gutman Gallery here.

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Gutman Dreamland Exhibit
December 18, 2023
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