Embracing Our Differences 2024


Embracing Our Differences 2024

Embracing Our Differences Michigan

CultureVerse has partnered with Embracing Our Differences Michigan to create an online exhibit for students from Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. The exhibit showcases over 120 artworks by students from grades K-12, reflecting their interpretations of the theme "enriching our lives through diversity." Explore the gallery below on your own or try out a guided experience by taking a tour using the tour point icon in the top right.

Virtual Gallery

About the Project

We're thrilled to celebrate three years of collaboration with Embracing Our Differences Michigan! Contributing to such a meaningful initiative has been a privilege, and we look forward to fostering even more artistic expression and celebrating community achievements in the future.

About Embracing Our Differences

EOD Michigan is a nonprofit organization in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan that uses the power of art and education to expand consciousness and open the heart to celebrate the diversity of the human family. They accomplish this through an annual, large-scale, juried exhibition and a comprehensive series of educational initiatives, programs, and resources designed for teachers and students. Learn more about EOD Michigan and their program at https://eodmichigan.com/

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Embracing Our Differences Michigan
May 16, 2024
3D Gallery

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