In 2022, CultureVerse joined Leon Speakers in bringing EIRO to life. EIRO is a 3-story-tall, interactive, tower of light and sound featuring a giant eye at the top that anyone can see, or see through. The brainchild of Leon Speakers founder and president, Noah Kaplan, EIRO aims to be the first in a movement of art that looks back at you, creating connectivity between communities on a global scale. We want to create a new way to share culture, eliminating the veil of time and space between people. EIRO is a new form of interactive art in the digital era. An era defined by the ability to see and be seen anywhere in real-time.

Art Meets Technology

EIRO is a lot of things conceptually, but literally it is a marvel of art, architecture, engineering, IT, software development, musical composition, sound, lighting, game design. Designed by architects Aaron Grunman and Ryan Goold of Denver, CO, EIRO's structure was engineered and fabricated by the incredible team at Leon Speakers in their Ann Arbor, MI headquarters. CultureVerse joined the project to provide resources including the design and development of custom software that makes EIRO interactive and accessible from anywhere in the world. Rameen Chahine of CultureVerse carefully crafted EIRO's interactive game which can handle and react to thousands of simultaneous inputs from people around the globe. This game features three new musical compositions by Dave Sharp that are incorporated dynamically into the experience. EIRO presents a stunning creative aesthetic crafted by Felicia Mariah D'Ascanio and Noah Kaplan with custom video content created by Shanley Carlton and Thew Wilken. CultureVerse Executive Director Aubrey Martinson lead the charge and cleared the way for EIRO to take shape and land on planet earth in September, 2022...

Key Features of EIRO
  • 3-Stories tall
  • 16000W sound system
  • 200+ LED light panels
  • External DMX lighting and smoke
  • Responds to user-input by changing and leveling up through music, video, and light
  • 3 live camera feeds accessible from web and mobile devices anywhere in the world
  • DJ/Performer mode allows musical performers to plug in and play through EIRO
Members of the EIRO team, including people from CultureVerse and Leon Speakers, gather in Grand Rapids, MI for the debut of EIRO at ArtPrize

Art Prize 2022

EIRO's web-app

EIRO debuted on September 15th, 2022, in Grand Rapids, MI as a featured exhibit in the nationally renowned ArtPrize competition. Thousands of people descend on the city for this art extravaganza and EIRO was positioned in the center of the action. To date, EIRO's interactive game has received over 100,000 inputs from people near or far from the tower.

People can use physical buttons (built by Shanley Carlton) or a web application to press one of three color buttons (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) which EIRO receives as a "bubble" of light which collects in its base. The number of bubbles of a certain color dictates which "color mode" EIRO will shift to, and each mode has its own song. As EIRO receives more input, it will "level up" and add additional instruments to the song, along with new video content and lighting.

CultureVerse designed this simple game as the first step in what will become a range of interactive functions that EIRO can perform. Thousands have already interacted with EIRO and the team will take the data gathered from this experience and use it to enhance future versions of the installation.

Virtual EIRO

In partnership with Saganworks, Cultureverse created a 3D immersive replica of EIRO that will eventually contain the running history of the project in a variety of media formats. Carefully crafted by 3D artist Joe Grabowski, this virtual environment is fully explorable below:

Stay Tuned!

Visit eirovantage.com to learn more about EIRO and the whole team involved

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