CultureVerse Gallery feat. RCKBNY


CultureVerse Gallery feat. RCKBNY

We are thrilled to be featuring the work of artist and photographer RCBKNY (Jason Johnson) at CultureVerse Gallery through the middle of November. Stop by the gallery, located at 309 S. Main St. Ann Arbor. Check our social media for latest hours. Hours for the week of Nov 1st: 4-8pm Friday, 10-4pm Saturday, and 12-4pm Sunday


"Inherently afrocentric, my work began from a need to see strong, beautiful revolutionary images  of black art. I figured the best way to depict our struggles is through our triumphs. My work  revolves around love, manifesting, and culture building. As an African American, it’s about  realizing the duties and blessings of being in the unique position to build/create our own culture  from scratch, and being able to smell those roses in real time. It’s about evolution.  The undeniable global impact we’ve made in such a short time. It’s about appreciation and  acknowledgment.  

My work explores color and how it feels coupled with the intention of creating a world for my  theories and perceptions. I gravitate towards surrealism and minimalism with touches of  whatever else."

- Jason Johnson (RCKBNY)

In addition, you'll be able to experience (and take home) virtual galleries of RCKBNY's photography and artwork created using Saganworks immersive 3D platform.

We hope you'll join us to take in the amazing artwork and cutting edge technology!

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