3D Scans Around the World


3D Scans Around the World

Cosmo Wenman

“The best place to celebrate great art is in a vibrant, lively, and anarchic popular culture.”
- Cosmo Wenman

Cosmo Wenman is a 3D artist and technician who also has a passion for ensuring that high quality 3D scans of publicly owned works are made accessible by the museums who own the collections. More about Cosmo Wenman and his Freedom of Information projects here

CultureVerse’s Immersive Experience Designer, Leo Enriquez created a gallery to showcase a few publicly available 3D scans for your enjoyment and education. The pieces include the Bust of Nefertiti, Dancing Faun of Pompeii, Athena of Velletri, and Head of Ares. Click the play button to load the experience:

View the original scans of the pieces below:

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Cosmo Wenman
July 15, 2022
3D Gallery

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