Say Yes Fest Kickoff and Petals Gallery Opening

petals sandcastle Gallery Exhibition

(Part of "Say Yes Fest")

Say Yes Fest kicked off at CultureVerse Gallery with an amazing opening event on August 5th, where multi-modal artist petals sandcastle opened their show 'being while becoming: iterations of petals sandcastle'

This exhibition was available through the month of August 2022 at CultureVerse Gallery in Ann Arbor, MI.

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About this event:

petals sandcastle and CultureVerse Gallery invite you to experience an enchanting and immersive month of ART, Fabulous People, VR experience, Live Painting, Live Music, Drama, Drag, Surprises, Art Auction, Vegan Food, Libations, and dripping possibilities. . .

Come as you are, Leave as you want to be!

What is Say Yes Fest?

Say Yes Fest is a conveyor of chances to say YES! A month of Happenings and Art to solve everything, end war and cure anxiety FOREVER! – kicking off August 5th at CultureVerse Gallery in Ann Arbor. Say Yes Fest is activism and art. Drama. Ideas and leaps, magic and possibility. A month of creativity and playtime and implicating ourselves in Good Trouble. A month of munching ideas and marginalized perspectives.

For a full calendar of events and details, visit the festival website:

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NOW Studios Location: 715 N University, Underground A2

Catch us if you can (or reach out!)

About petals sandcastle

(they/them, she/he, we,it)
“Under-developed and childlike — like Peter Pan became an adult but nobody told them yet”

petals is a multi-modal artiVist whose work and energies invite others into playful, radically inclusive discourse dedicated to exploring ways to create a society based on Love rather than Profit. Their work is improvisational and alive, designed to dislodge authentic, novel experiences amidst a world at siege. petals is intentionally cultivating conversations that push the audience to confront and overcome the barriers that lie between us.

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petals sandcastle
December 7, 2022
CultureVerse Gallery

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