CultureVerse Gallery - Mike Han - The House of Han From A to D

"The House of Han from A to D"

A one-of-a-kind art experience from artist Mike Han, CultureVerse, Saganworks, BrandXR, AIR-INK, and Paragon Art Collective.

See the show at CultureVerse Gallery in Ann Arbor through the month of April

309 S. Main St.

Ann Arbor, MI

Thursday    4-8pm

Friday         4-8pm

Saturday    10-4pm

Sunday       12-4pm

More info and directions here.

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The virtual "Hanok" filled with Mike Han's artworks

An innovative two-part exhibition by Mike Han in collaboration with CultureVerse. It kicked off with two opening exhibitions, one in Ann Arbor and one in Detroit, spaced one week apart. The exhibitions include digital and physical art works, augmented reality, NFTs, virtual galleries, and full-body 3D modeling. The physical artworks live in the Detroit gallery and the digital experiences live in the Ann Arbor gallery.

“The House of Han from A to D” examines the physical and digital lives we live and the impact we have on our environment through an experiential diptych exhibition. Han's work explores sustainability and our perceptions of value by creating digital and analog works of art that are separate yet deeply connected.

The Ann Arbor gallery remains open to the public through Thursday-Sunday through the month of April.

CultureVerse gallery filled with a vibrant crowd for Mike Han's April 1st Opening
CultureVerse Gallery in Ann Arbor during Mike Han's April 1st opening

Mike Han creates artworks for the exhibition
Mike Han creates prints from sequestered-carbon ink
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Mike Han
July 13, 2022
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